Online lectures

All the lectures are targeted sustainable design professionals and design students and are for lecture-subscribers only.

Aesthetics and Object analysis

What does aesthetics mean? This lecture looks into the term aesthetics, and phenomenological and semiotic object analysis. The insight into phenomenology and semiotics is (besides from being crucial when analysing objects and cultural phenomena) highly beneficial in the design-process, as planning the encoding of the design-object enables the designer to appropriately and target the recipient.

The lecture is 45 minutes long.

(coming soon!)


Aesthetic Strategy

Learn about how to use aesthetic strategy as a planning tool in the design process. Aesthetic strategy enables the designer to plan the receiver’s aesthetic experience, which will increase the chance of designing sustainable, durable products and concepts. Aesthetic strategy is a hands-on, easily applicable tool.

The lecture is 60 minutes long. (coming soon!)

I recommend engaging in the lecture on Aesthetics and Object analysis before this lecture, as some of the terms from there are used.


The Value of Aesthetic Sustainability

What is the difference between insignificant and meaningful design objects? Why to we mindlessly throw away some things while we cherish and maintain others? In this lecture, the value of aesthetic sustainability will be defined, and a clarification of the difference between emotional durability and aesthetic sustainability will be a significant part hereof.

The lecture is 35 minutes.

(coming soon!)

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