Hello everyone,

My name is Kristine, and I am a writer, lecturer and the author of Aesthetic Sustainability – Product Design and Sustainable Usage, Æstetisk bæredygtighed and Anti-trend – resilient design and the art of sustainable living.

I have recently started a new book project with the working title Uncultivated and am currently exploring the uncultivated way of life and the negation of cultural dogmas on the blog.

At the moment I am engaged in sustaining and developing traditional weaving as well as empowering female artisans here in Bali. I work with a group of immensely talented crafts-women on product development by combining handwoven naturally dyed cotton with upcycled textile waste. I will write about the process here on the blog and on my instagram feed.

The Immaterialist is my online laboratory in which I explore resilient design solutions, anti-trends, crafts preservation, cultural dogmas, and the sustainable, fulfilling, rewilded life in words and photos.

Thank you for stopping by!