Instagram: the immaterialist

My name is Kristine, and I am a writer, lecturer and the author of Aesthetic Sustainability – Product Design and Sustainable Usage. I am currently in the process of writing another book concerning anti-trendy and sustainable living, and I am absolutely loving the process.

I am adventurous at heart – always looking to expand my horizon, always seeking new knowledge, always trying to be open to life, love and new experiences. I spend most my days investigating aesthetics and sustainability, and writing about the beauty in sustainable living and the importance of aesthetic nourishment, and I often spice up my mental exercise with a bit of yoga.

I have recently moved from central Copenhagen to Bali with my two beautiful boys and my wonderful partner. Life in Copenhagen was good; the city is friendly and green, we lived in a great neighbourhood with lots of cool cafes and organic grocery stores, we were surrounded by fun, kindhearted people, and we didn’t need to own a car, since we just bicycled everywhere. However, we were longing for sunshine, coconuts, adventure, and especially a simpler life in closer connection with nature. And so, in early July we made the big move, after getting rid of all of our unneeded belongings. The process of giving away or selling most of our belongings was a purifying, yet surprisingly scary experience. I really didn’t expect it to be so emotional, and in my present posts I am primarily reflecting on the bond between people and things.

The Immaterialist is my online laboratory, in which I explore the good, fulfilling life in words and photos. I welcome you to join my journey.

This is me enjoying a beautiful evening in our junglehouse garden