Growth – and thoughts on change

We have now been in Bali for 5 weeks, and the kids have just finished their second week at the Green School. There have been ups and downs, joy and frustrations, and we have come to realise that big life changes are exciting, but also really challenging, and that one must accept that adapting to a new environment with new culture, new people and a constant overload of new sensory input takes time. Maybe even lots of time. And that that is perfectly ok. That we must allow for our bodies and minds to gradually acclimatise and adjust. That we must not haste this process.


As I recently posted on Instagram, one day when I was a little sad, because our oldest son Marius was feeling very challenged by our new environment:
Transitions mould us like clay in the hands of a ceramist until we fit into our new environment; they change us, shape us and build us up. But you have to flow with them; fluid like water. You must give in to the process and surrender to it.

Thousands of years ago a wise man said: “No man ever steps into the same river twice, for it is not the same river and he is not the same man.” (Heraclitus, Pre-Socratic Greek Philosopher,544 BC)
Everything is always in flux, nothing is static. Even if we always stay in the same place, things and people around us change. And so do we. Life is change. And opening up to change, instead of fighting it is growth.
And, as one of my friends reminded me, after I had posted my thoughts on change; Heraclitus is also known for having said that: “Change is the only constant.”

Just like nature; like seasons, like water that flows in a river, plants that grow and wither, and the altering sky above us, people and life changes all the time. Nothing is constant. Not even our moods, wishes, and dreams.
My family and I are experiencing a huge amount of change right now due to our self-chosen new life situation — in a way we are fast-forwarding a process that might otherwise have taken years, or maybe never would have happened. Changes normally happen gradually, which makes it easier to float with them. Abrupt changes, whether these being self-chosen, or intruding are harder to cope with. But, nevertheless coping with change is a life condition.

And, just like we praise the changes in nature: sunsets and sunrises, the change of seasons, fog that eases, rain that ends, the altering shape of the moon etc., we should honour the changes of life and surrender to the periodic loss of control that changes cause. The ability to let go of control is not weakness, it is strength.

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